Ivan Campo


Ivan Campo borrow inspiration from majesty to malady via reality, and every now and then wander into the realms of make believe.

Writing, recording, and performing together since 2004, they have developed a unique style, infused with echoes of films, snatched memories and a healthy sense of the absurd.
Their latest seven track EP ‘Fantastic Blue’ was released through Debt Records in August 2014.
Live Review –
Ivan Campo conjure up vivid images with their songs, which unfold like intricate stories. Finger-picked guitar rifts and piano melodies act as the stage for these tales to play out. Emphasised with simple percussion which they flit between effortlessly, they are captivating. No two songs sound the same… Matt Longworth – thedoublenegative





Fantastic Blue (Ivan Campo) August 2014

Seven Ancient Wonders (Ivan Campo) August 2013

Terracotta Army/Porcelain Pagoda (Ivan Campo) August 2013

Knights of the White Tunic (Ivan Campo) December 2013

What Went Wrong? (Ivan Campo) July 2011

A Holiday with the Sun (Ivan Campo) June 2010

Super 7 (Ivan Campo) April 2009

Loamatic (Ivan Campo) April 2007

Sleep in your Eyes (Ivan Campo) October 2006

Clippings 2 (Ivan Campo) January 2004